Now All Your Love is Wasted

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here to get in some writing and leave an update. The past couple of weeks has been crazy with a new internship and although I still have a few weeks before graduation, i’m trying to finish up my portfolio so I can get my portfolio sent out to some agencies, maybe land a job in time for graduation? All I can do is try my hardest and hope for the best!

While I was home for break I did a lot of thinking and a lot of hiking! I was able to see my good friend, Stephanie, for the first time in probably over a year. She’s wonderful, she’s moved off to Denver to pursue her career as a teacher. From what she tells me, she’s loving the Colorado lifestyle and couldn’t be happier getting to spend time with the children she teachers, and that’s saying a lot for teaching at an all boy’s school!

Anyways, here are a couple of shots that I wanted to share. One morning I went hiking with Steph and her family. It was a great work out and it was awesome getting out there with them, great bunch!

10. Winter Wonderland 9. Winter Creek 8. Tree STDS 7. Christmas Horns 6. Daddy, Mommy, Baby 5. River Rapids 4. Whitey 3. Old Flatbed 2. Radio Tower


A Trip to Versailles, the Swamp turned Desert

After deciding that I needed a day outside of the city, I made the decision to throw caution to the RER Line and head off to Versailles! I heard all about their beautiful gardens and the amazing chateau and that it was a must see while in Paris. I totally agree with them! After battling with a train line that should be a lot easier then it is, I actually wound up in the beautiful city of Versailles. A quaint town filled with beautiful architecture, shops, and restaurants … just because I left Paris, why should any of that disappear? Having to find my way to the Chateau, I decided to become one with the sea of tourists that poured out of the station with their flip flops, backpacks, and expensive camera… of course I had on converse, ditched the backpack, and brought an expensive camera of my own so, I guess I shouldn’t judge.

When I came up to the Chateau I was amazed at the side of it! I thought “chateau” was french for small house but turns out it means big fucking mansion with a 3 hour line to get into it. So, with wide eyes and already blistered feet, I set off for the gardens. So, if you guys expected a garden to be free it’s not, but at least it was only 8 euros. Pay it and go on in, what else do you have to do?

So the when you step out to the middle of the patio behind the Chateau you can see that this garden is a LOT bigger than you expected it to be and will begin wishing you had worn some socks with your shoes, and maybe brought a water, or a snack, or a flare to shoot up once you’ve realized that you’ve become quite lost in this world of dried flowers and really tall trees.

I’m joking (i’m not) the gardens are actually extremely beautiful and each little section has its own feel of historical france. Beautifully designed gardens with statues and fountains, seats, orange juice vendors and public bathrooms! Oh, it’s quite the wonder to explore!

Also, make sure you don’t spend your time at the gardens from noon till 3 and decide to head back home because as you’re leaving, you’ll begin to hear the voice of god bellow down from the heavens to let you know that they’re now turning the fountains on! Glorious! FUCK THAT. I saw the big one shoot up some water and got the hell out of dodge.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my day there! I had some gelato by a reflection lake, with people rowing boats, in love, and everything made sense again. I was to go home and watch movies in a dark apartment and remain alone, single, and raw handed for yet, another weekend.

When I come back to Paris, some day, I will come back here and spend the money to come in the evening, grab some dinner or some coffee at a cafe with the beautiful future Scarlett Johanson Costa (not kidding), and hold her hand as she pays for our tickets to watch the fireworks slash fountain show in the beautifully lit Gardens of Versailles.

Sorry for the sarcasm but this was the most fun I had writing a post on here in a while, I hope you enjoy the pictures! I enjoyed taking them!

01 The First Stop BW

05 Flowers & The Chateau12 Versailles Rooftops BW02 Symmetrical Gardens14 Orange Alley BW11 Palm trees & Spikes

16 Chateau Lawn BW

20 Pathway BW

21 Gate to the Garden

23 White flowers on the gate

24 Terracotta and Roses10 Statue with Wall of Leaves BW15 Clean Fun


26 Blood on the Leaves Faded BW

27 Horses of War22 Homes in the Trees

Michael Costa

Beautiful Montmartre!


So last time we touched base, life was pretty hectic.. well, life is still pretty messy out here in Paris but, it’s everything I could ask for! Life shouldn’t be easy and the work I’m doing is definitely shaping me to be exactly what I want to be in this world of Advertising, I think!

So I haven’t been able to go out and take as many pictures as I wanted to but with 5 more weeks to go, I’m hopefully to have a slew of posts each week for you guys to follow along! Last weekend I got to venture up to Montmartre (as the title of the post entails) and I was quite happy with my decision. As I walked out of a winding metro station, I came to a hillside of cobble streets, small cafes and shops, and the view of Paris that I was hoping for! There are more then what I have here but I haven’t been able to get them uploaded yet. I’m hoping to get back to Montmartre in the coming weeks to take more so I’ll get them up then!

Edit: All photos added!

19. Musicians and Pringles 20. Pidgeons in Flight 21. Into Paris 22. Streets of Montmartre BW 23. Open Paris BW 24. Steeple of Sacre Coure 1. Alleyway with Graffiti 2. restaurant with Man3. Open Shutters4. Up the Hill6. Scootered Hill 5. Leveled Rooftops 7. Montmartre Cottage 8. Orange Flowers 9. Restaurant of History11. Sacre Coure through the Trees 12. Epic Sacre Coure 13. Winding Road BW 14. Metro Kiss 15. Balcony Vines 10. Vine Cottage 16. Vine Shuttered Corners 17. Beer Shop 18. Red Light Bike Ride

Musée du Louvre



Bonjour mes amis! Everything is going quite well here in París! I’ve met a great bunch of people at Ogilvy and they’re all really awesome! Looking forward to getting to know them better in the next couple months!

The work so far has been great, a good way to get the quarter started once again! I’m really looking forward to getting more work for here as well as working with the people who are here, they’re one of the greatest agencies in the world right now and couldn’t be more thankful for getting to be here, even if it’s only for a little while!

This weekend I’ve finally found some confidence to step out and adventure. Getting lost in this city isn’t as terrifying because of how beautiful it is here! The most important thing I wanted to do here is get a chance to explore the Louvre, probably the most amazing art museum on the planet! I only got to explore one of its halls in the 4 or so hours I had spent there so, I’m looking forward to coming back and looking through the others!

Here are some shots from the day out, i #hashtagged my time here as #AmericanInParis so whenever I find anything worth mentioning I’ll post it either on here, Instagram, or Twitter! Look out for me and enjoy!


9281461247_469e80c2de_h 9281473285_5b8af113e7_h 9281475723_dfe4a228fb_h 9281482061_58a14fa9f3_h 9281483111_d4cfab85a7_h 9281484279_263c906b0b_h 9281485359_244e3f15a4_h 9281486671_06a691d4ee_h 9281489225_ace576365e_h 9281496781_8af6be3e18_h 9281502473_0846cad166_h 9281503899_52d722fac6_h 9281505575_85f5c83a7a_h 9281506963_7c6d033235_h 9281510051_206d240f92_h 9281512441_f207b87137_h 9281514413_984e9a4d48_h 9281518321_4dc018c045_h 9281520973_7608cb9a4a_h 9281526329_304a5855a8_h 9281570717_849b3c66f6_h 9284251138_c4589dee3e_h 9284256554_2570345cc2_h 9284258074_fd991eedfe_h 9284259576_0a2dda372d_h 9284260442_837f6c80a7_h 9284267620_23743a073d_h 9284277696_caf681b68f_h 9284279150_af90dc4b31_h 9284290948_9a87d82ac4_h 9284295472_9dd3036ee9_h 9284296938_bf08f9e0e1_h 9284299654_50c0ffec42_h 9284301862_41064ab80a_h 9284307158_3bbeda7dc6_h 9284345044_fa103ca538_h 9284349388_9d06d417b7_h

California Eye Openings

California, you are one amazing state. I can’t wait to revisit you and see what more you have to offer. For those of you who haven’t been following me already, or aren’t close friends and family, I’ve been living in San Francisco for the past couple of months. An amazing opportunity for schooling that I couldn’t pass up. After years of trying to find a way to get there, my escape route from the east coast turmoils were screaming at me to take them, so I did. Check out my earlier posts to see the trip there!

Okay, anyways, California! So much had happened during my time there. I made a lot of new discoveries about myself as a person and as a creative. I didn’t like life for a while, too much trouble, and was looking for the easy route – fuck that. The easy route would have left me weak and there’s so much more for me in this world, I need to take those risks and to scare myself so I can grow. Something I’ve really been able to follow over the past few months.

I’m writing around in circles because there’s more to be said, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to say it. I wish all the best to my friends as we start parting ways to find what else is out there for us, can’t wait to come across your paths once again. Especially, you.

Mirror ShotThrough LombardLuxury Home 2California Beach Homes

Hello beachThree HikersOcean WavesDani Flowers SideFancy Outdoor Restaurant


Let me learn from where I’ve been.

Not to set off the post off on a sad level but the sun is beginning to set for my time here in San Francisco. It’s been one hell of a quarter so far, I can’t believe that it’s gone by so quickly. I remember walking into the apartment and getting the view of the city at night, speechless. I wanted to make something big of my time here; whether that was making a great book piece, meeting lots of new friends, learning something about myself or my friends – how many other people are given this opportunity?

The first couple of weeks, my roommates and I spent most of our time meeting new people at school and at parties after hours. People here really do enjoy life at another level then what I’m used to back on the east coast, I love it. The seriousness of life is taken at different levels, they know that they need to make something of themselves, but they’re taking it as a progressive trip instead of working for that moment. The people at school work hard, some of the ideas I’ve heard are so simple and so breaking at the same time – just a different mind set on approaching problems. I’m hoping it washes off on me a little bit. I really wish I could go through and write about the people I’ve met, because they’re all incredible but, I also want to pretend to believe that I’ll be getting to bed in the next hour or so.

This quarter’s classes have been a mix of wishy washy work and heavy idea/execution focus. One class, I’m still wondering if it’s even going to give me a line to carry on in my thought process, not probably.. but I still have to keep working in it. Another, I’m finally getting an opportunity to start producing more print ads and I’m excited and want to do them justice, but I also want to start fixing the lines. If you can’t tell, I’ve been a little obsessed with living the fun things out rather then school this quarter. I’m kicking myself for it, really, but It’s more of a love tap. It’s time to change it.

In other words, I guess you could say I’ve been being somewhat of a “free spirit” out here. Yes, I’ve been drinking more then I should be, eating more mexican food than I have my entire life, I may have played around with some substances my high school self would have a heart attack reading about, you guys probably laugh about them. I’m learning a lot about myself here, life really. Some things work, and some don’t – you’ve gotta try them out to see if they will, it’s the only way.

I wouldn’t have been able to take this initial step without my good friends I’ve got here. Danny, Eva, Bryan, Neil, Steve, and Josh.. you guys are the shit and what we’ve got will go down in history. Erica, Kim, Greg, Mag, Marissa, Jen and the rest of you back in New York miss you guys like mad and will see you all soon, I’ll be making my sweet time to get back to the city but I’ll be there in no time.

My family and friends from back home have also been helping get by each day, they’ve got some high hopes for me and keep me feeling like I’m blazing a new trail for them, it’s empowering, but I miss them.

I’m still waiting to hear back about where I’ll be heading next quarter. My friends just found out that they’ll be headed off to China, fucking Beijing! They couldn’t be more excited, and I’m proud of them for having the balls to take that leap, they’ve been helping me break out my “shell” if you want to call it that.

Being an older brother, I never really had people to look up to – my father of course but it’s always different. I looked up more to my younger brother and how he followed what he wanted to whether or not it was the smartest thing to do. Now that I’m the youngest I’m looking up to my friends here to see how they handle the situations they’re presented with. Most of the time I get to learn from their mistakes because they’re not afraid to take a chance, but they surprise me from time to time on their actions and the advice they give.

Anyways, my hopes are still on Paris. I have no idea, whatsoever, how it’s going to work but I want to make that my next challenge. I came to New York City alone, and although it was for school, I survived. Traveled across the country, in a car, with three other creatives.. ingredients for disaster but, we made it. Now it’s time to do it on my own, so I’ve got my fingers crossed, not letting the second option be that, an option.


Be sure to know, you guys will be one of the first to find out.

Alright, maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight.. probably not.