Instagram of Paris

I’ve been here for a little over two months and have filled my friends newsfeeds with at least a hundred pictures. After getting plenty of complaints of sharing the plethora of photos i’ve taken i’ve decided to delete instagram for a little while, at least until they have some kind of update or a new photo app comes out with something new. I’m done with the faux film filters for a little while so here’s all of the shots I took from moments before my flight till now. Everything I’ll share from now on will be shot with my digital or scanned in from my film camera.

Enjoy! It’s been quite a ride!Wall of igrams


So much open space

If you asked me a year ago from today, if I thought that I would’ve spent a couple of days in the desert in a year, I would’ve laughed and walked away thinking you were a crazy person. My oh my was I wrong. Not only did I spend some time in the desert, I checked out Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon.. THE GRANG CANYON! I really don’t think there’d be anything else in the world that I’d want to experience for a national park now. I’ve seen all the cool ones, the rest are pretty much like backwoods in comparison (I’m guessing).

Here’s a collection of shots that I took during the later half of the trip. We pulled off a lonely highway one early morning a couple of hours outside Moab, Utah and then ┬ámade way for the Grand Canyon & Scottsdale Arizona within a couple of very hot days.

Enjoy the selected shots from the trip, let me know what you think of them!!

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