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I’ve been here for a little over two months and have filled my friends newsfeeds with at least a hundred pictures. After getting plenty of complaints of sharing the plethora of photos i’ve taken i’ve decided to delete instagram for a little while, at least until they have some kind of update or a new photo app comes out with something new. I’m done with the faux film filters for a little while so here’s all of the shots I took from moments before my flight till now. Everything I’ll share from now on will be shot with my digital or scanned in from my film camera.

Enjoy! It’s been quite a ride!Wall of igrams


Musée du Louvre



Bonjour mes amis! Everything is going quite well here in París! I’ve met a great bunch of people at Ogilvy and they’re all really awesome! Looking forward to getting to know them better in the next couple months!

The work so far has been great, a good way to get the quarter started once again! I’m really looking forward to getting more work for here as well as working with the people who are here, they’re one of the greatest agencies in the world right now and couldn’t be more thankful for getting to be here, even if it’s only for a little while!

This weekend I’ve finally found some confidence to step out and adventure. Getting lost in this city isn’t as terrifying because of how beautiful it is here! The most important thing I wanted to do here is get a chance to explore the Louvre, probably the most amazing art museum on the planet! I only got to explore one of its halls in the 4 or so hours I had spent there so, I’m looking forward to coming back and looking through the others!

Here are some shots from the day out, i #hashtagged my time here as #AmericanInParis so whenever I find anything worth mentioning I’ll post it either on here, Instagram, or Twitter! Look out for me and enjoy!


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California Eye Openings

California, you are one amazing state. I can’t wait to revisit you and see what more you have to offer. For those of you who haven’t been following me already, or aren’t close friends and family, I’ve been living in San Francisco for the past couple of months. An amazing opportunity for schooling that I couldn’t pass up. After years of trying to find a way to get there, my escape route from the east coast turmoils were screaming at me to take them, so I did. Check out my earlier posts to see the trip there!

Okay, anyways, California! So much had happened during my time there. I made a lot of new discoveries about myself as a person and as a creative. I didn’t like life for a while, too much trouble, and was looking for the easy route – fuck that. The easy route would have left me weak and there’s so much more for me in this world, I need to take those risks and to scare myself so I can grow. Something I’ve really been able to follow over the past few months.

I’m writing around in circles because there’s more to be said, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to say it. I wish all the best to my friends as we start parting ways to find what else is out there for us, can’t wait to come across your paths once again. Especially, you.

Mirror ShotThrough LombardLuxury Home 2California Beach Homes

Hello beachThree HikersOcean WavesDani Flowers SideFancy Outdoor Restaurant


Life & Times of Michael Costa 6 Month catch up!

Hey everybody! I guess it’s time for a little update, huh? Well where should I begin?

Let’s start off with a little bit about the last quarter, shall we? It’s over, that’s the best part of it! Going into the second quarter I was high anticipating learning some more programs and doing some more work to show off some of my talents. Meeting back up with my quarter was all I could think about for the coming days. I didn’t go far but a lot of my friends traveled home or to other locals to visit friends, so it was a little empty of a break, but I was more than okay with that! With my then roommate headed home for a week (which turned out to be more than that ( check a little further down )), I had the space I needed to prepare and empty out the reserve in my brain. The day had finally came and sitting and while waiting for the Industry Hero to start us off, we scouted the room for the new quarter and the new Account Planning Bootcamp students. It seemed to be.. a little empty, which was a theme that seemed to carry on throughout the quarter. After a riveting and exciting kick off with the head of the Art Director’s Club, we were ready to rule the advertising world. As we settled in for class to begin, our teacher had hobbled in, collapsed in his chair and looked at all of us with eager eyes and smiles, “Excuse me i’m a little hungover” is a statement i’ll never forget for a first judgment meeting. And that’s also a common theme that carried throughout the past couple of months.

Class after class, assignment after assignment, I started to become a little discouraged. I wasn’t learning anything in most classes, except that my teachers didn’t how to truly teach us. It’s sad to say, I really liked who they were and their personalities, but all but one had trouble teaching. It was mostly, here’s the assignment, do it by teaching yourself Gave us all a headache. What were we paying them for? …Never really found out in the end of it, but it’s over with. Good riddance. Bring on the next set of late nights and long days.

I learned more this quarter about myself then I have in a while. Mostly esteem issues, and most of it relies in having alcohol in my system. So, i’m proud to announce i’m done with it. No longer will I have days where I go out to drink, resorting to small things on holidays and while visiting good friends. Partying, late nights, and “slaying” is not in my system and it’s not who I am, so i’m not going to try and be that. There’s no use in forcing it either, nature takes over. I long for the early and long nights of sleeping and dreaming, and not worrying about trying to impress others, I got this far without it, why should I be trying to change all of that now? So i’m done, I’ve realized it and now it’s time to make it happen … erm, not happen?

Any who.. what else can chit chat about? Job problems? Nope, none.. need a job for that to happen! It’s not that I haven’t been looking, or even that I haven’t been applying, cause I have. It’s the lack of interest of others in me. I’m a white guy from Belchertown, Ma who spent his earlier jobs around food and helping out a pretty awesome law firm. So, automatically not even considered, not even wanted to be met. It’s really disheartening for me, I’ve never NOT worked while in school so being unemployed is strange for me. I don’t know what to do with the free time I have, so it’s gone to doing assignments early. Which is a good thing, trust me. The amount of other students that were scurrying work together an hour before the final 1 on 1’s was tremendous and surprising to me. And the thing is, I help them. They were slacking off while I was paying attention, and I help them. I’m gonna have to think of a different way to go about this.. i’m too nice of a guy to say no.

But, the summer is over! The fall is approaching and my favorite type of weather will be here before we know it. Sweatshirts, boots, and sweaters are gonna be on and I can’t wait for it. Romance, pumpkin spice, crunchy leaves, and crisp mornings, I can almost feel them now.

A few weeks ago I entered a little relationship with a girl I knew from my undergrad. We got to hang out a couple of times earlier this year but the past few weeks had been great. Started talking everyday, seeing each other, and making each other smile. It was a good feeling, but it wasn’t right. You know when you have that missing feeling in your stomach in a relationship, I didn’t want to waste her time any more. I’ve been in situations where it’s been there and I didn’t do anything, didn’t need to be on another hate mail list, that’s for sure. But it was a good moment in my life here.

At this moment, I want to let all of you out there know of a song that’s beginning to build speed, and that’s “Feel Again” by OneRepublic. These guys seem to release new music at the right time in my life, when I was feeling down a few years ago, they turned me around and sent me back to where I was through their album “Dreaming Out Loud.” I was Happy and care free. The following year they came out with the album “Marching On” and although I was happy, I felt there was something missing so I looked and I found another good friend out of it. So, with anticipation of their next album coming out in a couple of months, they’ve released this single and I know it’s that time to pick myself back up and realize the greatness that’s coming my way. I love the video, and the song was created using the heartbeats from a campaign known as, “Every Beat Matters” and it’s absolutely incredible what these guys are doing. Do yourself a favor and click their name to check out their website!

So, with all of that said. I’m going to hang out here for the next week or so. See some friends, and I have plans to check out a concert next week! I’ll be sure to review it here if you guys are still following me!

Now, at the end of it all I just wanted to tell you guys; I’m good. Life is good right now, and am very happy with the choice that I made to come down here. This is one experience that I’ll never forget and I can’t wait to finish it and start working in this amazing industry! When I come back from a short vacation on the 1st of October, my third quarter will be starting, and i’ll be getting myself into a gym. It’s time to pick back up and get to work. I’m quite determined, i’m going to get back in incredible physical shape, i’m going to get a job, i’m going to travel the world, and I am going to make this dream I have a reality.

So, until next time:

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

-Harriet Beecher Stowe

Portrait Interview of a Culinary Student

Hey Everybody! Hope all is well! I love the rain we’ve been having down here in the city as soon as the weather brightens back up i’ll be able to get back outside and enjoy the lighting I can get from it! This quarter at school has been such an experience and i’ve been able for realize the potential i’ve got in the creative industry. Here is a portrait interview I did of my roommate and long time friend. He’s just starting his time at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan’s neighborhood of Manhattan. It’s a quick video but it does the job, check it out!