Your Future

So lately i’ve been stressing, big time, about the future. What I’m doing next weekend, where I’ll be headed next quarter, where I’ll be working in a couple of months, will I be working in a couple of months? I think a lot of people in my situation would be doing the same. Twenty-somethings striving to make something of themselves, shit, make rent is more like it. I think the worst part of it all is that we forget the reasons for why we do what we do. Our age is the age of creation, the amount of “creatives” in this generation, in comparison to the last few, are through the roof. We do it because we love to express ourselves through art, music, design, type, acting, fashion. Whatever. We forget we go into these because we have a passion for them and get caught up in the fast pace of our world. Slow down. Not all of us can be the next big thing, we can’t all create the next trend but we can remember to put the passion we once had back into our work. Whatever has fueled it in the past is still there and we gotta remember it’s still there, just buried in all that garbage we’ve been filling up over buzzfeed, mashable, twitter, and instagram.

To realize your future is somebody else’s past…

Something I just realized and was going to slap onto my Facebook is, it’s not the ones who did it first who are remembered but, the ones who did it best. Who crafted it best. Who used the best truth.

I’m going to try and remember to stop stressing over creating something new and get back to the old me. The one who did it because it he loved the craft and the detail.

Thanks, Lu.


Life Update!

Looking comfortable yet well defined in the apartment in Paris.

Looking comfortable yet well defined in the apartment in Paris.

Every time I hop on here to start writing something to catch you guys up on what’s going on in my life I stare at the screen, blankly, wishing it would all just appear. It never does, maybe whoever invented the technology to scroll down pages with just your eyes can figure this one out too!

So, I mean I guess not much has changed in all reality. I’ve done some more time working at the agency, been able to catch on to a couple more briefs which I’ve been enjoying, hopefully something good comes from all of it, after all any experience is good experience! We’ve had an extremely long weekend of four days because of a religious holiday (The Assumption of Mary) last Thursday and it allowed us to coast right back into the office Monday morning.

Decided to take a couple weeks off from drinking because when one has one too many, it can get a little hairy. I’m already hairy enough as it is thanks to my hairy ancestors so, yea.

Still waiting to hear back about what’s going on next quarter, I wasn’t lucky enough to get into my first two choices so I’m hoping I at least get the third one so I can head back to New York and be back in the city in the fall! BUT, if I don’t I’m hoping that I can grab an opportunity in Boston but again, if not that’s cool too. It would be nice to see what it would be like to live in Boston in the fall, if it’s anything like it was when I would head down to visit, it’s amazing. Sam Adam’s Octoberfest, Red Sox, Cold weather, Foliage. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

I’m really enjoying Paris lately. I FINALLY watched the flick “Midnight in Paris” after being told to, by EVERYBODY. It was good. I thought it was really cool and the woman who played the love interest was smokin hot, would love to meet a girl like that in this city but I highly doubt that will happen. Finally getting eased into ordering a Starbucks coffee in english without feeling like a disrespectful american, so random “hi there’s” aren’t going to happen until I come back, and when that time comes around, I probably won’t need to.

Yeah, I think that’s good for now – I don’t want to say too much while i’m in a little bit of a “whatever” mood but that’s the theme of the day. I hope you all had a great weekend and have a very successful week ahead of you! I’ve gotta get some pictures up from Versailles and will be heading to Disneyland next weekend so I’ll only have some cell phone pictures for you from there because I want to be %200 in childhood mode while there!

Trois Jours de Ténèbres

Three days of darkness. Not literally of course, well – the electricity in my apartment is out. Gone. Nada. KapOOt. The electricity bill never got paid, not by me of course, by my landlady/airbnb hosts. Now, as my first time using airbnb I haven’t had any problems really. I was able to find an apartment for myself in a matter of days, I was able to find my host and get the key the second day and have been really enjoying my apartment and the area I’m in. Besides a few misunderstandings and adjusting to Paris living, I’m finally thinking I’ve got everything under control.

After spending a good part of the evening exploring Paris’ shopping and restauranting I retired home to get ready for a night of partying with some new friends for a birthday. The door opens to my apartment, I step in, and find myself in complete darkness. I’ve always had some extravagant imagination that a demon/ghoul dog is going to lunge at me and tear my face off when I enter a dark room.. this time they didn’t get me but I couldn’t turn on the light!!! I had this problem before, a few hours into moving in, so I did what fixed it last time. The power fuse/ box is right at the door way so I went go flip the switch back on and … shit … it was already flipped on. WTF!!! I was not happy! I tried to make sure there were other apartments having the same problem but there were lights on in my neighbors windows so I knew something was up! I grabbed all of my stuff and ran up to the local McDonalds. In the states I would’ve found a Starbucks but here in Paris, McDonalds are found on each corner. Besides the smell of the greasy french fries, they’re not too bad. Just a couple people come and go and I’ve been able to sit down upstairs where there’s the sole power outlet. Frantically emailing, messaging, and calling my airbnb host to find out what’s gone wrong. NOTHING. Couldn’t get in touch with her, terrified. I went to go check her airbnb page because she had told me that her parents had been airbnb hosts for many a year.


Her parents had written a recommendation on her wall! Cunningly and with the bravado of a 4 year old, I write to her parents PRAYING that they check their emails more often then mine. I hung around for about another hour hoping to get some sort of response but not much had been found in my inboxes. So I went home, with a feeling of defeat.. “maybe it’ll be alright tomorrow and there’s just a repair that knocked the power off”

NO! The next morning I woke up checked the power box … still nothing … ran to McDonalds … NOTHING! God, “Could I wait another week till my host comes back from her time volunteering in India?” I figured I’d keep trying but I was ready to live in a dark, hot apartment till then. So, there’s only a few ways I know how to cheermyself up.. eating and shopping. KNOWING that I’d be back at McDonalds at the end of the night to use the wifi and charge my laptop, I decided to go shopping. 200 euros poorer and a Comme des Garçon t-shirt richer (also with a pair of high quality denim Levis) I decided to see if the store had wifi.. IT DID!


3 Messages from my hosts parents, 2 from my host – THEY DID CARE!! I was so excited to hear back from them, so the bill was unpaid – I was right – and there would be something to be done as soon as possible. After turning down a couple nights at a hotel (Stupid mike, stupid..) I knew things would be under control in just a couple of days. With a city to explore, they’d pass in no time! – Right.. we’ll see about that.

I spent the day exploring the nearby grave yard to find a spot to read, found a nice bench with the view of the city sat down, read a few pages, and then got kicked out. Deciding that I didn’t want to go back home yet, I kept walking and found another park. This was great, people just hanging out on the hill tanning, reading, and enjoying the warm weather. I’m planning on coming back here on weekends!

But once again, I have a day without power. Hopefully soon this will all be resolved and I’ll be able to sleep a night with out sweating. Back to work tomorrow will be a good way to get past it all, I’m praying that I have the magic of electricity waiting for me when I get home tomorrow but until then, I’m looking at another night here at McDonalds to catch up and see what else is going outside of my Arrondissement!




Let me learn from where I’ve been.

Not to set off the post off on a sad level but the sun is beginning to set for my time here in San Francisco. It’s been one hell of a quarter so far, I can’t believe that it’s gone by so quickly. I remember walking into the apartment and getting the view of the city at night, speechless. I wanted to make something big of my time here; whether that was making a great book piece, meeting lots of new friends, learning something about myself or my friends – how many other people are given this opportunity?

The first couple of weeks, my roommates and I spent most of our time meeting new people at school and at parties after hours. People here really do enjoy life at another level then what I’m used to back on the east coast, I love it. The seriousness of life is taken at different levels, they know that they need to make something of themselves, but they’re taking it as a progressive trip instead of working for that moment. The people at school work hard, some of the ideas I’ve heard are so simple and so breaking at the same time – just a different mind set on approaching problems. I’m hoping it washes off on me a little bit. I really wish I could go through and write about the people I’ve met, because they’re all incredible but, I also want to pretend to believe that I’ll be getting to bed in the next hour or so.

This quarter’s classes have been a mix of wishy washy work and heavy idea/execution focus. One class, I’m still wondering if it’s even going to give me a line to carry on in my thought process, not probably.. but I still have to keep working in it. Another, I’m finally getting an opportunity to start producing more print ads and I’m excited and want to do them justice, but I also want to start fixing the lines. If you can’t tell, I’ve been a little obsessed with living the fun things out rather then school this quarter. I’m kicking myself for it, really, but It’s more of a love tap. It’s time to change it.

In other words, I guess you could say I’ve been being somewhat of a “free spirit” out here. Yes, I’ve been drinking more then I should be, eating more mexican food than I have my entire life, I may have played around with some substances my high school self would have a heart attack reading about, you guys probably laugh about them. I’m learning a lot about myself here, life really. Some things work, and some don’t – you’ve gotta try them out to see if they will, it’s the only way.

I wouldn’t have been able to take this initial step without my good friends I’ve got here. Danny, Eva, Bryan, Neil, Steve, and Josh.. you guys are the shit and what we’ve got will go down in history. Erica, Kim, Greg, Mag, Marissa, Jen and the rest of you back in New York miss you guys like mad and will see you all soon, I’ll be making my sweet time to get back to the city but I’ll be there in no time.

My family and friends from back home have also been helping get by each day, they’ve got some high hopes for me and keep me feeling like I’m blazing a new trail for them, it’s empowering, but I miss them.

I’m still waiting to hear back about where I’ll be heading next quarter. My friends just found out that they’ll be headed off to China, fucking Beijing! They couldn’t be more excited, and I’m proud of them for having the balls to take that leap, they’ve been helping me break out my “shell” if you want to call it that.

Being an older brother, I never really had people to look up to – my father of course but it’s always different. I looked up more to my younger brother and how he followed what he wanted to whether or not it was the smartest thing to do. Now that I’m the youngest I’m looking up to my friends here to see how they handle the situations they’re presented with. Most of the time I get to learn from their mistakes because they’re not afraid to take a chance, but they surprise me from time to time on their actions and the advice they give.

Anyways, my hopes are still on Paris. I have no idea, whatsoever, how it’s going to work but I want to make that my next challenge. I came to New York City alone, and although it was for school, I survived. Traveled across the country, in a car, with three other creatives.. ingredients for disaster but, we made it. Now it’s time to do it on my own, so I’ve got my fingers crossed, not letting the second option be that, an option.


Be sure to know, you guys will be one of the first to find out.

Alright, maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight.. probably not.

Quarter Away … WTF!!!! Do I Do??

Ahhh!!!!! Is currently all that is being said in my mind right now. For those who don’t know about the school I’m in, during the second year of classes we enter a new step of the program that places us in agencies to work; both on our portfolios and help them out with what they need done. So the big thing is that, although there’s plenty of options here in the states… we get to go abroad to Western Europe, East Asia, the Middle East Latin & South America, as well as Australia (later on in the quarter though) and I’ve got a week to pick where I go! A couple of my friends want to head back to New York to catch up with our friends, reobtain their appartments, or just really want to be part of the agencies in the city. I can’t blame them, or the entire european student population, for wanting to go to because it is one of the great meccas of the trade. I’ve got a couple of places on my mind and really, any of them would be amazing but, I want to make the best decision possible. Take all the chances now so that I don’t double think it once the decisions already been made.

So my first option I’m pretty sure is a Greenhouse at Ogilvy in Paris, France. This is supposed to be the most wanted greenhouse (apart from new york’s) because the work you do there is amazing. You pitch your life away to clients with your partner and you compete with about 4 other teams. This would be AMAZING to be able to place in my resume, and the work that comes from this will shatter what I already have, but it’s tough competition to get in and unfortunately I’m beginning to doubt my work.

Aside from Paris, I’m blind on where else I want to go. We have three different places to put down and I can’t decide if I want to go off to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Rio… possibly off to Beijing or Shanghai (probably not the last two) this is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to come to MAS instead of other portfolio schools, like The Creative Circus or Brain Co. SO, with that I don’t know if I should settle for some other european places or stay here in the states. Chicago has an amazing greenhouse at Digitas and New York’s 360i greenhouse would be unbelievable as well, but do I want to miss out on this chance of travel? Such a tough decision to make! (I know, I know, I should be thankful for any of them, but if you’re given all these great opportunities – you don’t want to spoil it, right?)

Gah!! I have less then a week to spruce up my portfolio and make the decision.

Wish me luck!

Me Confused

Catching Up!

so i guess, i’ll just start typing until something with meaning forms up here in my brain. I’m so glad to have finally reached San Francisco! Coming to California has been a dream of mine for ever. I can thank advertising for making me believe that life out here is that much better than it is back on the east coast. Truthfully, so far, it doesn’t seem much too different. People are friendlier, the streets are cleaner, the food is tastier, life is much more easy going… okay it’s a lot different, but of course the east coast is where my home is and will always be. Even if I’m not living there for the moment. I’m sorry I didn’t get to write much while I was on the road, I was trying to lift off another blog with my friends ( but it fell short due to the busy schedules and lack of available internet. I’m hoping they get a chance to go through their pictures and post them on that site because they all have some amazing shots from the places we had the opportunity to stop at.

I have two parents (ya I know, shocker!) and they both have a strong desire to travel, but they never really had the chance to. As many of you know, the world we’re in today has changed its ways of the past. School is more readily available, young adults are searching for more in their lives continuously, and it’s a lot easier to get a loan (but even harder to pay off – I don’t want to get into this right now, the wound is still fresh) so us millenials are leaving home and exploring everything we can get our hands on.

And it’s all thanks to a little Canadian Indy film I once watched (and fell in love with) on Netflix, “One Week” – check it out if you’re looking for a good “finding yourself” movie!

I’ve got some exploring to do now that I’m here in San Fransisco. And I’m ready and willing to check out what this place has to offer. I’ll only be here for a short amount of time and a lot of that time will be set off for classwork, and I’m hoping this is beneficial as well! Anyways, I really want to go and check out Alcatraz, because I have a weird love of scaring the hell out of myself. Started back when MTV had started a new show called “Fear” where kids would win money by accomplishing objectives in old and run down prisons, hospitals, camps, etc. .. I know it’s weird but there’s something crazy about afterlife that I’d like to learn about. Whether it’s just believing something that makes more sense to me than you or whatever.

I’m hoping to get out and take some pictures of everything soon so I can share that with you guys so stay posted and I’ll try and get you some cool shots!

Alright, Good Night to you guys!


Look at what we’ve become

Good morning everybody,

I want to send my thoughts, prayers, hopes, and dreams to the families and community of Newton, Connecticut. There was no reason that could justify the actions that had been made by this creature of a man. Children are the most important thing in this world and for someone to take them from this world is a sin that will never be forgiven.

Before I go any further I want to say that I’m not one to preach, I’m not even that religious, but I do believe in something. For those who don’t believe ,that’s your choice as well and, I respect that, so please give respect to those who believe in something and if they’re proper humans, they’ll do the same.

Although I’ve been working hard at school and doing what I can to make something of myself in this world, it’s hard not to think about this and that how this could have happened anywhere. My cousins and my brother are all in school, and were not even an hour away. To even think that this could’ve gotten any closer to them would cause earthquakes in my thoughts.

There’s nothing more I look forward to becoming more than a husband to some one, than becoming a father one day. Raising children, although will be absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done, will be the most fun and exciting stage of my life but lately, after today especially, I’ve been wondering whether or not it’s even right to risk it. Only time will tell and I’m trying to believe that if you never you’ll never know.

So maybe one day you guys will get to meet them, I hope I get to one day.

To the world; stay strong when life gets dark, the sun always rises.