Behind the Lens

Welcome to the planet…

I am a student at the Miami Ad School in Brooklyn, New York studying Art Direction. I have a Bachelors of Business and Administration in Marketing Communications and Advertising from Western New England University & enjoy photography as a hobby and hopefully as something on the side in the future.

Hey everybody! All of that boring nonsense and you don’t even know my name… how else could I steer you away? My name is Mike but I actually prefer Michael ( I promise you I’m not an “uptight” kind of guy, I just value my full name more). I am a photographer yes, but more importantly I’m a dreamer, a fighter, a lover, a friend, a music fan, and will be one of the most positive and laid back gentlemen you will ever come across. Give me a playlist of music, a bottle of wine, great company, and some nice clothes and you’ve just named almost everything worth living for (I guess a couple plane tickets to a new location every now and then couldn’t hurt either).

I realized I loved photography years ago when I would take trips up the street to watch the sunset on an every evening basis. Each time I would find myself wishing to make the moments last as I watched the sun descend beyond the mountain range of Western Massachusetts. I wanted to share, wanted to hold on to those mere memories as long as I could. A past friend had gifted me a camera for Christmas and from there it was history.

Excitement, love, energy, passion. I find it everyday and if I had the pleasure of having my camera with me every all the time I would be able to show you all what I see more often. That day will come, but till then I take the moments I’ve been handed to make something of it.


Oh the Places You will Go

Massachusetts, New York, England, Ireland, Florida, South Carolina, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Dakota, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, California, Paris


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