Thoughts from the Past

Swell I guess ill use the free time in the car as a way to write myself another blog post. It.s been _________ a long time since. A lot of time has passed by but not a lot of things have happened since. The past quarter went terribly quick. That’s how it goes when you’re living and working in the city. We’ll.. “Working” is how I’ll put it. A lot of the internships we have at the school offer us a lot of opportunity to get used to the ad world, meet people who will probably be able to help us out in the rapidly nearing future, and I guess get our bodies used to the lack of sleep and large intake of alcohol.

I wrapped up whatever projects I had in my hands, nothing was made but at least people saw my dedication. Being one of the first there and one of the last to leave has to show some kind of drive. I still get excited when getting to daydream, I mean concept, on projects. Pretty soon this daydream is going to turn into some reality so I’ve gotta start getting used to how creatives are pitching their ideas and what ways we can take them. My friend, Erica, and I will be putting our time in at Razorfish next quarter and I couldn’t be more excited to be finishing off the programs it’s her in New York. She’s an incredible creative,writer, person, and she has enough personality to make Hov step back a bit. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll get to give him the run down.
Hold on.. Where the hell are we going to eat? Eh, as long as I’ve got something in my stomach soon I don’t care.
So yea, back home.. It’s good, but it’s stressful. Funny, right? How is it stressful bring away from the city and work? We’ll family is a lot heavier than the other stuff but it’s not that I have too much I think it’s that I don’t have enough. My best bud has always been too quiet for his own good. He’s a hellova friend but it’s getting hard trying to find something he’d be willing to do. My brother works too damn much and is getting taken advantage of at his job. My parents can never seem to handle the holidays well. Conversation just seems harder around here. Nobody wants to talk or go do anything besides watch tv or play video games. I want to get out and do stuff but then I’m lacking an automobile. Only downside of the city is not having a car when I get back home.
It’s anxiety inducing.
See, I thought the city was too fast paced but it’s a lot easier living there than here. People walk everywhere, they value time where they aren’t running around with their heads cut off, waiting for a subway lets you take a breath and living for the weekend really isn’t too bad. I really don’t want to settle down there but who knows, I really want to travel still and won’t be making any decisions with that until I’ve seen more of the country and more of the world.

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