A Trip to Versailles, the Swamp turned Desert

After deciding that I needed a day outside of the city, I made the decision to throw caution to the RER Line and head off to Versailles! I heard all about their beautiful gardens and the amazing chateau and that it was a must see while in Paris. I totally agree with them! After battling with a train line that should be a lot easier then it is, I actually wound up in the beautiful city of Versailles. A quaint town filled with beautiful architecture, shops, and restaurants … just because I left Paris, why should any of that disappear? Having to find my way to the Chateau, I decided to become one with the sea of tourists that poured out of the station with their flip flops, backpacks, and expensive camera… of course I had on converse, ditched the backpack, and brought an expensive camera of my own so, I guess I shouldn’t judge.

When I came up to the Chateau I was amazed at the side of it! I thought “chateau” was french for small house but turns out it means big fucking mansion with a 3 hour line to get into it. So, with wide eyes and already blistered feet, I set off for the gardens. So, if you guys expected a garden to be free it’s not, but at least it was only 8 euros. Pay it and go on in, what else do you have to do?

So the when you step out to the middle of the patio behind the Chateau you can see that this garden is a LOT bigger than you expected it to be and will begin wishing you had worn some socks with your shoes, and maybe brought a water, or a snack, or a flare to shoot up once you’ve realized that you’ve become quite lost in this world of dried flowers and really tall trees.

I’m joking (i’m not) the gardens are actually extremely beautiful and each little section has its own feel of historical france. Beautifully designed gardens with statues and fountains, seats, orange juice vendors and public bathrooms! Oh, it’s quite the wonder to explore!

Also, make sure you don’t spend your time at the gardens from noon till 3 and decide to head back home because as you’re leaving, you’ll begin to hear the voice of god bellow down from the heavens to let you know that they’re now turning the fountains on! Glorious! FUCK THAT. I saw the big one shoot up some water and got the hell out of dodge.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my day there! I had some gelato by a reflection lake, with people rowing boats, in love, and everything made sense again. I was to go home and watch movies in a dark apartment and remain alone, single, and raw handed for yet, another weekend.

When I come back to Paris, some day, I will come back here and spend the money to come in the evening, grab some dinner or some coffee at a cafe with the beautiful future Scarlett Johanson Costa (not kidding), and hold her hand as she pays for our tickets to watch the fireworks slash fountain show in the beautifully lit Gardens of Versailles.

Sorry for the sarcasm but this was the most fun I had writing a post on here in a while, I hope you enjoy the pictures! I enjoyed taking them!

01 The First Stop BW

05 Flowers & The Chateau12 Versailles Rooftops BW02 Symmetrical Gardens14 Orange Alley BW11 Palm trees & Spikes

16 Chateau Lawn BW

20 Pathway BW

21 Gate to the Garden

23 White flowers on the gate

24 Terracotta and Roses10 Statue with Wall of Leaves BW15 Clean Fun


26 Blood on the Leaves Faded BW

27 Horses of War22 Homes in the Trees

Michael Costa


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