Life Update!

Looking comfortable yet well defined in the apartment in Paris.

Looking comfortable yet well defined in the apartment in Paris.

Every time I hop on here to start writing something to catch you guys up on what’s going on in my life I stare at the screen, blankly, wishing it would all just appear. It never does, maybe whoever invented the technology to scroll down pages with just your eyes can figure this one out too!

So, I mean I guess not much has changed in all reality. I’ve done some more time working at the agency, been able to catch on to a couple more briefs which I’ve been enjoying, hopefully something good comes from all of it, after all any experience is good experience! We’ve had an extremely long weekend of four days because of a religious holiday (The Assumption of Mary) last Thursday and it allowed us to coast right back into the office Monday morning.

Decided to take a couple weeks off from drinking because when one has one too many, it can get a little hairy. I’m already hairy enough as it is thanks to my hairy ancestors so, yea.

Still waiting to hear back about what’s going on next quarter, I wasn’t lucky enough to get into my first two choices so I’m hoping I at least get the third one so I can head back to New York and be back in the city in the fall! BUT, if I don’t I’m hoping that I can grab an opportunity in Boston but again, if not that’s cool too. It would be nice to see what it would be like to live in Boston in the fall, if it’s anything like it was when I would head down to visit, it’s amazing. Sam Adam’s Octoberfest, Red Sox, Cold weather, Foliage. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

I’m really enjoying Paris lately. I FINALLY watched the flick “Midnight in Paris” after being told to, by EVERYBODY. It was good. I thought it was really cool and the woman who played the love interest was smokin hot, would love to meet a girl like that in this city but I highly doubt that will happen. Finally getting eased into ordering a Starbucks coffee in english without feeling like a disrespectful american, so random “hi there’s” aren’t going to happen until I come back, and when that time comes around, I probably won’t need to.

Yeah, I think that’s good for now – I don’t want to say too much while i’m in a little bit of a “whatever” mood but that’s the theme of the day. I hope you all had a great weekend and have a very successful week ahead of you! I’ve gotta get some pictures up from Versailles and will be heading to Disneyland next weekend so I’ll only have some cell phone pictures for you from there because I want to be %200 in childhood mode while there!


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