Beautiful Montmartre!


So last time we touched base, life was pretty hectic.. well, life is still pretty messy out here in Paris but, it’s everything I could ask for! Life shouldn’t be easy and the work I’m doing is definitely shaping me to be exactly what I want to be in this world of Advertising, I think!

So I haven’t been able to go out and take as many pictures as I wanted to but with 5 more weeks to go, I’m hopefully to have a slew of posts each week for you guys to follow along! Last weekend I got to venture up to Montmartre (as the title of the post entails) and I was quite happy with my decision. As I walked out of a winding metro station, I came to a hillside of cobble streets, small cafes and shops, and the view of Paris that I was hoping for! There are more then what I have here but I haven’t been able to get them uploaded yet. I’m hoping to get back to Montmartre in the coming weeks to take more so I’ll get them up then!

Edit: All photos added!

19. Musicians and Pringles 20. Pidgeons in Flight 21. Into Paris 22. Streets of Montmartre BW 23. Open Paris BW 24. Steeple of Sacre Coure 1. Alleyway with Graffiti 2. restaurant with Man3. Open Shutters4. Up the Hill6. Scootered Hill 5. Leveled Rooftops 7. Montmartre Cottage 8. Orange Flowers 9. Restaurant of History11. Sacre Coure through the Trees 12. Epic Sacre Coure 13. Winding Road BW 14. Metro Kiss 15. Balcony Vines 10. Vine Cottage 16. Vine Shuttered Corners 17. Beer Shop 18. Red Light Bike Ride


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