Trois Jours de Ténèbres

Three days of darkness. Not literally of course, well – the electricity in my apartment is out. Gone. Nada. KapOOt. The electricity bill never got paid, not by me of course, by my landlady/airbnb hosts. Now, as my first time using airbnb I haven’t had any problems really. I was able to find an apartment for myself in a matter of days, I was able to find my host and get the key the second day and have been really enjoying my apartment and the area I’m in. Besides a few misunderstandings and adjusting to Paris living, I’m finally thinking I’ve got everything under control.

After spending a good part of the evening exploring Paris’ shopping and restauranting I retired home to get ready for a night of partying with some new friends for a birthday. The door opens to my apartment, I step in, and find myself in complete darkness. I’ve always had some extravagant imagination that a demon/ghoul dog is going to lunge at me and tear my face off when I enter a dark room.. this time they didn’t get me but I couldn’t turn on the light!!! I had this problem before, a few hours into moving in, so I did what fixed it last time. The power fuse/ box is right at the door way so I went go flip the switch back on and … shit … it was already flipped on. WTF!!! I was not happy! I tried to make sure there were other apartments having the same problem but there were lights on in my neighbors windows so I knew something was up! I grabbed all of my stuff and ran up to the local McDonalds. In the states I would’ve found a Starbucks but here in Paris, McDonalds are found on each corner. Besides the smell of the greasy french fries, they’re not too bad. Just a couple people come and go and I’ve been able to sit down upstairs where there’s the sole power outlet. Frantically emailing, messaging, and calling my airbnb host to find out what’s gone wrong. NOTHING. Couldn’t get in touch with her, terrified. I went to go check her airbnb page because she had told me that her parents had been airbnb hosts for many a year.


Her parents had written a recommendation on her wall! Cunningly and with the bravado of a 4 year old, I write to her parents PRAYING that they check their emails more often then mine. I hung around for about another hour hoping to get some sort of response but not much had been found in my inboxes. So I went home, with a feeling of defeat.. “maybe it’ll be alright tomorrow and there’s just a repair that knocked the power off”

NO! The next morning I woke up checked the power box … still nothing … ran to McDonalds … NOTHING! God, “Could I wait another week till my host comes back from her time volunteering in India?” I figured I’d keep trying but I was ready to live in a dark, hot apartment till then. So, there’s only a few ways I know how to cheermyself up.. eating and shopping. KNOWING that I’d be back at McDonalds at the end of the night to use the wifi and charge my laptop, I decided to go shopping. 200 euros poorer and a Comme des Garçon t-shirt richer (also with a pair of high quality denim Levis) I decided to see if the store had wifi.. IT DID!


3 Messages from my hosts parents, 2 from my host – THEY DID CARE!! I was so excited to hear back from them, so the bill was unpaid – I was right – and there would be something to be done as soon as possible. After turning down a couple nights at a hotel (Stupid mike, stupid..) I knew things would be under control in just a couple of days. With a city to explore, they’d pass in no time! – Right.. we’ll see about that.

I spent the day exploring the nearby grave yard to find a spot to read, found a nice bench with the view of the city sat down, read a few pages, and then got kicked out. Deciding that I didn’t want to go back home yet, I kept walking and found another park. This was great, people just hanging out on the hill tanning, reading, and enjoying the warm weather. I’m planning on coming back here on weekends!

But once again, I have a day without power. Hopefully soon this will all be resolved and I’ll be able to sleep a night with out sweating. Back to work tomorrow will be a good way to get past it all, I’m praying that I have the magic of electricity waiting for me when I get home tomorrow but until then, I’m looking at another night here at McDonalds to catch up and see what else is going outside of my Arrondissement!





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