Bienvenue à Paris!

“Welcome to France!” I told myself as I stepped off the plane, I’m sure the signs I was passing were saying the same but my Muzzy french is a little off! (nonexistent) Why on earth did I come here? I don’t understand ANY of this, I hear the people are god awful.. how am I supposed to order at a fast food restaurant here? Answer: Machines that are like iPads.

I’m glad I didn’t break down and buy the first ticket back to the states, just a couple hours later I’m well rested and ready to go scare myself a little bit more. Oh ya, I stayed at the Hotel Aviatic and it is a great place to stay, a couple hundred bucks a night but the rooms are classy, the bed is comfortable, the concierge is great (speaks english), and it’s in the 6th arr. of Paris which has a lot of restaurants, shops, cafes, and has a lot of Metro stops!

A couple of days later, a new apartment, a new neighborhood and I don’t know what to do next. I guess there’s some things I’ve gotta do, like battle through french stores to find a clothes steamer or hop on the Metro and see where I’ll be going for the next two and a half months. I guess I’ll do both, my camera will be more then willing to join me in the trip!

This is all exciting and intimidating but I’ve gotta just remember to take it all one step at a time.. now to find out when I should take the challenge of getting to Versailles!


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