Title (Not Worth Titling)

Woah, this life hits you hard. This is a life talk post because shit’s going down in my life and I don’t know – just have to write about this shit.

This weekend was my birthday weekend! I shared it with two of my best buds here in San Francisco with me. Best part was when we went out and had the best meal I could ever have requested at this delicious place called Harris on Van Ness.

So I think I have posted this already, but I’m not sure. I dropped my choices for Quarter Away as Paris, Chicago, and New York & like everybody else in the school, are going a little insane until they learn about the outcomes of this. I could really go anywhere, I could even stay here If I have to but the thing is finding an apartment after this is going to be awful. Bloody awful. I’ll get by with something but with everybody splitting it’s going to be tougher then it’s been yet. That’s life though, we need to keep challenging ourselves and take what is dealt to us.

Tomorrow is the start of midterms, so It’s time to buckle down once again. There’s a list of classes that I want to start making major improvements in, if not the work – the work ethic is the target. Which is sad because I used to be the hardest working student back in college, I guess it’s just learning how to get in the groove of things and in the Advertising World, it’s almost impossible to find that groove.

I don’t know, I continuously blame social media as a blame for these confusing feelings of depression and anxiety. If only I could take a break from them more often! Or find a way to spend more time on them… still can’t decide which one is more important at the moment.

Alrighty, I’ve gotta go and get some rest for the week to come. Sorry about that rant but I had to a couple things out there – some day I’ll start posting everything that’s bothering me on this baby. Some day.. maybe.



2 thoughts on “Title (Not Worth Titling)

  1. It’s pure truth you speak man. Love it. Keep it up! It’s been hard for me too. Constantly moving and figuring out how to make things work. Just embrace it and keep going strong dude. The journey to your goal is most of the fun. It’s the story we thrive on and it’s a story most people can only dream of. Live it up and fight the doubts, regrets and/or stress as much as possible!

    • Steve Levy you are a digital man of ancient wisdom, thanks for the words! You’re right, you’re leading the way for us young pups! Hope to run in to you in the next couple of quarters man if not then we’ve gotta connect in the professional world. Would love to do a project with you some day!

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