From the Badlands to Bozeman!


These couple of days throughout the road trip were probably my favorite by far. Cold weather, mountains, the wild, and just my three friends and I hitting the road. Endless driving with good music and just being in awe of our surroundings. We landed in South Dakota late at night and pulled into a hotel on the side of the road to get some shut eye and a shower before heading back on the road in the morning. Nothing felt better then crawling into a bed at that moment.

When we woke up we headed for the Badlands, it’s a park with these most amazing rock formations that kind of look like the tops of caves, but growing up instead of down. We were one of the only cars in the park all morning and the animals were just waking up (i’m guessing) and getting out to eat some breakfast. We came across some deer and some  mountain goats just hanging out by the side of the road, you’d think we’ve never been to a zoo before. The basin of these hills went on for ever and the roads that curved through these peaks were amazing to drive through!

After we left there we were headed for Mt. Rushmore. I never thought that I would be going to see these sculptures because I never found any real interest in it. It’s American and all but it’s just some faces carved into rocks.. right? Yeah, I was right but it was something completely different in the experience of walking up to see them. Thinking of how long the artist must have taken to pick away at these mountain sides to create some smooth faces.

After that we grabbed some food and hit the road.. again! That day was a wicked busy day, we had cut a day off our schedule and were heading for the second one on our way to Bozeman. Wyoming was pretty, we saw the first group of snowcapped mountains on our trip, and lots of red rocks throughout the farmlands. I wish I could tell you more of what happened here but the next thing I remember is waking up in a strange house with a loss of pride and feeling of shame I wasn’t ready to accept.

But anyways, with my headache and upset stomach we headed into Bozeman after meeting Eva’s friend Matt. Matt was the one who let us crash in his home, really awesome guy! He knew everybody in the town and his house was pretty much designed with his hands. Earlier in the morning I wandered around while everybody was asleep and the room that I was in had at least 40 ski resort maps on the wall (awesome idea by the way) and in the living room he had little jars with soil from places he’s traveled all over the world (also, a really awesome idea!)

After grabbing some food (that I had to leave behind due to upsetting reasons) we went on to our next national park, Yellowstone! It was unbelievable! The hot springs we went to go see reeked of rancid ass, but I would kill to go back to see them! The buffalo just walked along the cars on the road and we even got to miss seeing wolves, but only by a few minutes apparently! – LAMESAUCE – Also, we got to go into some hot springs! Something I’ve always wanted to do! We drove down to the parking lot and briskly changed into our suits and made the half mile hike down to the river. As we came to the spot we could smell the sulfur again, exciting! The hot springs poured down the entire side of the mountain in an underground spring, and emptied out into the freezing river. So when both collided it created this wonderful bath of jetted hot water. I could’ve stayed in there forever, can’t wait to go back to one!

Suffice to say, those couple of days were something I’ll always remember! I would keep writing but I wanted you guys to stay long enough to check out the pictures I took! They’re a little scattered in order but that’s okay. I hope you enjoy looking at them at least half as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Wind Turbine 1 8608154864_547db01423_h 8608154518_d064cae86a_h 8608153730_915dd5c782_h 8608153346_41976a3701_h 8608152830_67f9e4aa1d_h 8608151668_c12b787921_h 8608150478_8aaba72fc5_h 8608149776_e448b2ecc9_h 8608148824_34e9231d3f_h 8608147704_0306b4e338_h 8608145780_59bc3cb4fc_h 8608145034_3083fe495f_h 8608144686_9208137bb0_h 8608144374_a7370aa849_h 8608144044_69a7649483_h 8608143716_64d390a253_h 8608142992_f4d27feaf1_h 8608140562_e1cabada39_h 8607050405_409aa930f5_h 8607049209_53b9c33050_h 8607047575_5843a7f3e1_h 8607045233_01274d7022_h 8607044493_f4777a0f57_h 8607043549_7cbaac3311_h 8607043165_1c03a9b1fd_h 8607041319_70b4466c72_h 8607040571_6dad7cd0c8_h 8607038319_130ea302e7_h 8607037595_042bf7d46b_h 8607036933_089ae81700_h8607036551_1099cc7b7d_h8607036223_515f43c815_h 8607035895_5055c14750_h 8607035219_5db17946f4_h 8607034785_e40dc3513e_h


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