So Long Brooklyn, Hello America!

Many of you have been following me for quite some time, and I’m forever grateful for your attention, it means a lot to me! I’ve been away for a little bit because of the busy end of the last quarter in New York and the big move west! I mentioned in a post a couple back about a blog that my friends and I were making with all of our pictures from the trip. Well, I started but never finished, and I’m still waiting for my friends to finish editing theirs and get it uploaded. I enjoyed spending some of the late night rides doing some easy editing to the pictures from earlier in the day! I will always be thankful for the opportunity to take that trip, and would recommend it to anybody in a heartbeat! I’m going to post all the images I took up here and share them with you guys, and keep everything unified. I really like a lot of the shots that I got! I’ve really enjoyed following some photographers who are using VSCO (Visual Supply Co.) film and editing software so, I downloaded the photo app they have on the App Store. I’ve been taking the painstakingly slow process to transfer all my edited files to my phone and running them through a couple of my favorite filmy filters!

Here a couple of shots to start you guys off! These are my favorite from our first day, started later (much later) then we had originally planned but the excitement was through the roof the entire day.

If anybody is interested about chatting about cross country road trips, I would love to share my experience and maybe learn about yours! I’m always free to shoot the shit!

8582154729_a8024247e0_k 8583249000_ef3e7c4546_k 8583251102_1edba40411_k 8583258260_8787de2700_k



If anybody is thinking “Why didn’t this guy just shoot with a film camera?” – I did, still need them to get developed! Hopefully I can get that taken care of when I get a break in the crazy design projects I’ve already have to start on. Thankful for this moment of procrastination!


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