Quarter Away … WTF!!!! Do I Do??

Ahhh!!!!! Is currently all that is being said in my mind right now. For those who don’t know about the school I’m in, during the second year of classes we enter a new step of the program that places us in agencies to work; both on our portfolios and help them out with what they need done. So the big thing is that, although there’s plenty of options here in the states… we get to go abroad to Western Europe, East Asia, the Middle East Latin & South America, as well as Australia (later on in the quarter though) and I’ve got a week to pick where I go! A couple of my friends want to head back to New York to catch up with our friends, reobtain their appartments, or just really want to be part of the agencies in the city. I can’t blame them, or the entire european student population, for wanting to go to because it is one of the great meccas of the trade. I’ve got a couple of places on my mind and really, any of them would be amazing but, I want to make the best decision possible. Take all the chances now so that I don’t double think it once the decisions already been made.

So my first option I’m pretty sure is a Greenhouse at Ogilvy in Paris, France. This is supposed to be the most wanted greenhouse (apart from new york’s) because the work you do there is amazing. You pitch your life away to clients with your partner and you compete with about 4 other teams. This would be AMAZING to be able to place in my resume, and the work that comes from this will shatter what I already have, but it’s tough competition to get in and unfortunately I’m beginning to doubt my work.

Aside from Paris, I’m blind on where else I want to go. We have three different places to put down and I can’t decide if I want to go off to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Rio… possibly off to Beijing or Shanghai (probably not the last two) this is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to come to MAS instead of other portfolio schools, like The Creative Circus or Brain Co. SO, with that I don’t know if I should settle for some other european places or stay here in the states. Chicago has an amazing greenhouse at Digitas and New York’s 360i greenhouse would be unbelievable as well, but do I want to miss out on this chance of travel? Such a tough decision to make! (I know, I know, I should be thankful for any of them, but if you’re given all these great opportunities – you don’t want to spoil it, right?)

Gah!! I have less then a week to spruce up my portfolio and make the decision.

Wish me luck!

Me Confused


2 thoughts on “Quarter Away … WTF!!!! Do I Do??

    • Hey Russel! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay, I’m beginning to really wish It was a camp! Can’t wait to enjoy the summer weather with a bon fire and some time by my local river! Hope you’re having a great week!

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