Look at what we’ve become

Good morning everybody,

I want to send my thoughts, prayers, hopes, and dreams to the families and community of Newton, Connecticut. There was no reason that could justify the actions that had been made by this creature of a man. Children are the most important thing in this world and for someone to take them from this world is a sin that will never be forgiven.

Before I go any further I want to say that I’m not one to preach, I’m not even that religious, but I do believe in something. For those who don’t believe ,that’s your choice as well and, I respect that, so please give respect to those who believe in something and if they’re proper humans, they’ll do the same.

Although I’ve been working hard at school and doing what I can to make something of myself in this world, it’s hard not to think about this and that how this could have happened anywhere. My cousins and my brother are all in school, and were not even an hour away. To even think that this could’ve gotten any closer to them would cause earthquakes in my thoughts.

There’s nothing more I look forward to becoming more than a husband to some one, than becoming a father one day. Raising children, although will be absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done, will be the most fun and exciting stage of my life but lately, after today especially, I’ve been wondering whether or not it’s even right to risk it. Only time will tell and I’m trying to believe that if you never you’ll never know.

So maybe one day you guys will get to meet them, I hope I get to one day.

To the world; stay strong when life gets dark, the sun always rises.


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