Let’s do an update!

Hey everybody!

I hope all is well, I know that these past few months have been wild and crazy like that 90’s tv show. The summer heat finally came to an end and i’m currently trying to remember where I stashed my gloves for the morning. Hurricane Sandy splashed around lower Manhattan for a little bit, we had our elections (Congratulations to President Obama, there’s a war going on (well that doesn’t ever really change) and now we’re coming up to December 21st, 2012. The Mayan apocalypse, strikes me with excitement but i’m more excited for the plans I’ve got for next spring! As I was walking into my apartment the other night, the door man was having a conversation about the end of the world being around the corner when in reality, all that lies around the corner is a group of drunken thirty somethings stumbling home scrapping their mitts on the lost pavement of their younger years. All the best to them and their fight on fears. Something about not being prepared for the sudden cold weather.

Anyways, I’m not sure this idea of fear is something I understand lately. As I poke around the streets in my passings i’ve been noticing a lot of the little things that, even in this city, remind me of my love of this life; perfect lighting in a photograph, the warm sun on a breezy day, a friend helping you up after a fall metaphorically unbound. So why be afraid? There’s a plan for all of us on this planet, believe whatever you like, but there is a meaning to life out there, you just need to live it to find out just exactly what it is. Past memories have ensured me lately that no matter the stresses and troubles and expecations that are set out, as long as you can have those little feelings that you live for, why worry about the rest? Sadness, uncertainty, and confusion are bound to visit but, like that friend who’s using you for your couch, they’ll be gone before you know it.

School has been going well but there was a lot of ups and downs this quarter; working projects over and over, teammates that aren’t giving their all, expanding my weapons set in the materials I use, friendships growing and disappearing. I’m really getting excited for the work that’s to come but still debating if my school is preparing me as much as I need to be. Their curriculum is so tight yet i’m in classes that require skills that have yet to be touched upon, causing a lot more stress than I need floating around here lately. I don’t know, there’s no use in complaining because I have my assignments now and before anything changes i’ll be long gone from this curriculum. In the end, these past 10 weeks have allowed me to grow as an Art Director and as a person. Reading people haven’t been easier and understanding my own thoughts hasn’t been more clear.

Social media, iPhones, beards, and video games have unofficially become somewhat of the norm and i’m off to find something that’s “new” so I’m working on enjoying the ways of the past, as a new. Less tweeting, no insta-gramming, pretty much no gaming, less apps. I feel that having access to all of this information and all these “life helping” apps at your fingertips is great, but they’re doing my harm than help when it comes down to what matters. I’ve been having a lot of trouble concentrating on things lately, my mind is always racing on to the next step and the five steps following. So I want to cut it out for a bit. Multi-tasking is for the birds and those who suffer from A.D.D. and I’d rather live without those problems.

Photo on 11-8-12 at 10.10 AM #2Anyways, tonight I’ve been enjoying my night and the smell of rain. Tomorrow I get back to work so wish me some luck!

Talk to you soon,




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