Faces of the City

Hello, hello, hello! I know, I know, i’m blogging on a Friday night, but I have good reason, and you’re about to see! I was on the beat all day! This morning I grabbed my camera and headed out the door to go and see who and what I could capture on the only nice looking day in the forecast. Today was chilly but the sun was shining and people were out and about. Business people, vacationers, shoppers, runners, bikers, you name it, they were taking the full advantage of today’s weather. From Dumbo to 5th Ave and back, I enjoyed the beaten path and I hope you do as well!



4 thoughts on “Faces of the City

  1. Mike, what a journey! Loved every single one of those, you have managed to capture the mood of the City so well! Really enjoyed! I think soon you’ll have to think of a something like a book project, where may be you can convey your photographic story of NYC!

    • That would be an awesome idea! I’m going to have to look into some places that can print my photos into a book! Thanks for the comment :)!!!

    • Thanks Suzanne! I really like the one of the elderly couple too, I was following them for the longest time and they were so happy to be adventurous still so I knew had to get their picture. I had to speed by them and turn around and make it look like I was taking a picture of Brooklyn and not them!!

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