I don’t know where you’re going, just get your ass back home…

With things looking up for the future, I figured its an even better reason to get out and enjoy the fresh air and feelings of this place I call home. With the day off, I wanted to put more into my time than hanging around the house. So, I got my ass out of the house and headed up to Amherst with the Canon. After talking with the cute girls behind the counter and taking a seat at Starbucks with my Moleskine by the window. I headed out into the cold February air to get in touch with the sidewalks, the store fronts, and the other small touches of the college town. I hope I can get more pictures in this weekend and with a trip to Boston Tuesday to see the Celtics do it big at the garden it’s looking promising. So, since it’s a nice 42degrees with a mighty wind chill, i decided it was time to get my ass back home for the rest of the afternoon. Till next time..




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