I guess this is a new beginning…

Hey everybody, I know I haven’t been able to post in the past few weeks, I have a reason! I have been finishing up EVERYTHING that I had to get done, now I sit and wait for what’s next. First and foremost i’m proud to say that I have accomplished all of the credit work for my BA’s in Marketing Communications & Advertising and just have to wait for my Degree to arrive in the mail! Yeah, where’d DID all the time go in the past four and half years? Well, to a number or people, mistakes, corrections, realizations, days, nights, and moments that will last a life time. I have met some amazing people, and have met some amazing things within myself that will hopefully carry on and improve as the days continue to arrive. Oh, and that application is DONE. SPOTTS GET AT ME WITH THAT RECOMMNDATION! Thanks man, you are one of the greatest friendships I have been able to make through that institution, and that’s saying a lot from those I met from SOAR ’07, my dedication to the Wolfpack I ran through Europe with, and the close buds that I’ve had since the beginning of time!

Here are a few shots I was able to sneak in through the past few weeks, please enjoy! I promise, I will see you soon!



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