The country’s darker history

I am a HUGE history buff. Whenever i can learn about how people used to act, what they used to do for fun, eat, lifestyles entirely amaze me. What we do now, is completely different from what we did last year, as well as next. My friends mom has recently been given an amazing opportunity working down in Philadelphia, and earlier this summer we had taken a trip down to visit her. I would really enjoy the opportunity to visit her again, she’s awesome, and so was the city.
Philadelphia is home of the famous Eastern State Penitentiary, Love Park, the “Rocky” steps, and a lot of other amazing Art locations. It is also huge in the history of the country, but not everybody enjoys that stuff.
So, quickly, Eastern State Pen was on top of our list of MUST DO. It was extremely creepy, but really cool to see this prison, to hear the stories, and to “feel the energy” of those who remain. It was unreal.

Here are a couple pictures from our trip down, unfortunately i didn’t capture any ghosts!


Hope you liked the post, see you all soon.


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