allow me to introduce myself

Come one & come all, good evening, and welcome to the show! My name is Michael Costa, i’m a twenty-something year old college student getting his life together. I’m about to take one of my biggest leaps in life and face the world on my own. I graduate after my final semester in the fall at a local university and will be most definitely heading to a big city for a advertising portfolio school. Which one will be lucky enough? Something only time will be able to tell them, and myself. I am a huge fan of story telling, and I understand that perceptions are as similar as the man or woman who has

them. Enough of that for now, I’ll be showing off some of my photography here, mainly because it’s hard to display to everyone in other ways.

You can follow me on twitter @M1keCosta , on my Tumblr, or my instagram @michaelcostaFeel free to contact me on either of those or via email:

Thanks again,




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